Knitting 911 and Finishing with Confidence Index

Knitting 911 and Finishing with Confidence Index

Knitting 911

This series, written by Binka Schwan first appeared in the February-April 2010 issue.  The final article appeared in the Fall 2016, the last print issue of Cast On.


Spring-Using Duplicate Stitch and Embroidery to Fix a Cable

Summer-Repairing an Errant Cable Cross a Few Rows Below Live Stitches on Your Needle

Fall-Repairing a Cable by Knitting


February-April-Broken Stitches Part 1 

May-July-Broken Stitches Part 2

August-October-Cutting a Cable Part 1

Winter 2015/16-Cutting a Cable Part 2


February-April-Fixing a Broken Pulled Stitch

May-July-Split Stitches

August-October-Repairing Split Stitches in Finished Items

November 2014-January 2015-Broken Stitches in One Row


February-April-Not Eyelets but Holes

May-July-Dropped Single Increases

August-October-Fixing Mistakes in Central Double Decreases

November 2013-January 2014-Pulled Stitches


February-April-Dropped Stitches in Garter Stitch

May-July-Dropped Edge Stitches

August-October-Dropped Edge Stitches in Garter

November 2012-January 2013-Fixing Decreases in Your Knitting


February-April 2011-Tension Concerns – Part 3

May-July 2011-Know How to Fix Your Knitting Mistakes

August-October-Knitting Emergencies Do Happen by Binka Schwan

November 2011-January 2012-Dropped Stitches in Stockinette


February-April-Knitting 911-Series Introduction

May-July-Tension Concerns

August-October-Anniversary issue, no articles, just patterns

November 2010-January 2011-Tension Concerns Part 2


Finishing with Confidence

This series, written by Arenda Holladay first appeared in the August-October 2012 issue.  The final article appeared in the Winter 2016, the first issue of the digital version of Cast On.


Spring-Buttonholes Part 1

Summer-Buttonholes Part 2

Fall-Buttonholes Part 3

Winter 2016/17-Buttonholes Part 4


February-April-Picking up Stitches – Part 1 

May-July-Picking Up Stitches Part 2

August-October-Picking Up Stitches Part 3

Winter 2015/16-Picking Up Stitches Part 4 


February-April-Seaming Bound Off Edges

May-July-Seaming Stair Step Edges

August-October-Three-Needle Bind off

November 2014-January 2015-Kitchener Stitch by Arenda Holladay


February-April-Seaming Reverse Stockinette and Garter Stitch

May-July-Seed Stitch

August-October-Seaming K1P1 Ribbing

November 2013-January 2014-Seaming K2P2 Ribbing


August-October-Preparing for Finishing

November 2012-January 2013-Seaming Stockinette Stitch



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