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TKGA Certification programs are the gold standard in knitting. These courses, which include the Master Hand Knitting Program, are where you can learn the skills to be successful in the knitting industry.

The Master Hand Knitting Program is the cornerstone of all our programs. This program is designed as an educational process for those knitters who want to improve their skills. It is a rigorous program meant to challenge all knitters to learn and grow. You knit swatches and projects that demonstrate your expertise as well as submit written work that demonstrates your understanding. Volunteers review your work and provide detailed feedback to enable you to improve. To receive certification you will have shown mastery in basic to advanced knitting techniques and the ability to research and learn new techniques. You will have experience in design and pattern writing and have knowledge of the history and techniques of knitting. The title of Certified Master Knitter is respected throughout the knitting industry.

In addition to the Master Hand Knitting Program, we offer four specialized Certification courses that give you the skills needed for success in the knitting industry. These include Technical Editing, Judging, Instruction, Knitwear Designing, and Professional Knitting. You will work one-on-one with a knitting professional who will mentor you through the course in which you will demonstrate competency and receive certification. Certification will give you the confidence and ability to succeed in the knitting industry as it means you have acquired the knowledge and skills needed in the discipline you chose and can market yourself as a certified professional.