Certification for Technical Editors

All designers, knitting magazine editors, yarn companies, and writers of knitting books need Technical Editors. They depend on their tech editors to help them produce error-free patterns and articles that knitters can enjoy knitting and reading. In this course, the goal is to help you learn the skills needed to become a knowledgeable and astute technical editor for knitting. If you are a Master Knitter, you already have demonstrated that you have mastered advanced knitting skills, and technical editing is one way of applying those skills. Certification will mean that you have acquired these necessary skills and can market yourself as a Technical Editor. Your name will be listed in Cast On and on Ravelry and will be added to the list of Certified Technical Editors at the TKGA website. This course is taught by Sharon Levering, the technical editor of Cast On magazine and our K2TOG newsletter.

Who should take this course?

You will benefit from this course if you are a good knitter and would like to work for other designers as a technical editor, or if you enjoy writing your own patterns but want to learn how to edit them for publication.

Whether working for another designer or for yourself, a tech editor should have basic knitting skills and a solid understanding of knitting techniques, construction, and terminology. One should also be comfortable with math, competent with computers, and possess good language skills.

Certification Course Requirements

In this three-lesson course, you will write book reviews, answer questions, edit a knitting article and lesson, and edit actual patterns, often by following specific Style Sheets. All course materials will be sent via email, and each succeeding lesson will be emailed upon completion of the previous lesson. Microsoft WORD is used for nearly all of the documents. The course should be completed in 18 months but extensions may be granted. Upon successful completion (and membership verification), you will receive certification as a Knitting Technical Editor.

The fee for this course is $185.00. Since this course is done through email, there is no shipping or handling fee.

Certified Technical Editors

Sarah Anderson-Gilford, NH, leafybranchstudio@outlook.com, Ravelry name: LeafyBranchStudio, also offers charting and schematics
Susan Baron-South Deerfield, MA, Ravelry name: Falstaff123, Currently (2019) In-house Technical Editor for WEBS
Carey Bermingham-British Columbia, Canada, careyb@telus.net, Ravelry name: CareyBermingham
Elodie Brunel-Oakville, Canada, atelierb416@gmail.com. Ravelry name: ElodieB, also offers editing in French
Kerry Bullock-Ozkan, Carrboro, NC, bullockozkandesigns@twc.com, Ravelry name: kerdragon, also offers grading and charting services
Katie Cauthen-Austin, TX, katie.pfeil@protonmail.com, Ravelry name: RattlesnakeKate
Gayle Colebrook-Montreal, Quebec, Canada, pearlknitteknits@gmail.com, Ravelry name: pearlknitteknits, Instagram: @pearlknitteknits
Lisa Conway-Alaska, lism@arcticedits.com, Ravelry name: arcticwoolies, also offers schematics.
*Sytske Corver-Purmerend, The Netherlands, sytske.corver@gmail.com, Ravelry name: Sytske
Eleanor Dixon-Vero Beach, FL, eledixon@comcast.net, Ravelry name: TECHsorcist, also offers charting, basic crochet editing and grading, customer support, and test knitting management
Amy Eilert-Midlothian, TX, aeilert@gmail.com, Ravelry name: fl1cker
*Kathy Erhard-Export, PA, kathyerhardknits@gmail.com, Ravelry name: OctoberBaby, also offers charting and schematics.
Christine Evans-York, United Kingdom, chris@cevans.me.uk, Ravelry name: cupani
*Hilary Forrest-Portland, OR, hilaryforrest1@gmail.com
*Laurie Gibson-Brookline, MA, laurie.gibson@gmail.com, Ravelry name: lagibson
Gail Gortmaker-Burlington, ON, gortmakerg@gmail.com, Ravelry name: GGailG
*Michael Harrigan-Bangkok, Thailand, mwharrigan@gmail.com, Ravelry name: mwharrigan
*Nancy Harrington-Rochester NY, nancyknits18@gmail.com, Ravelry name: nancyknits
Susan Hislop-Frederick, MD, sue.cat111@gmail.com, Ravelry name: sue-cat
*Betsy Hoenes-South Jordan, UT, betsyhoenes@comcast.net, Ravelry name: telejbox
Amy Johnson-Pullman, WA, akarniss@yahoo.com
Tonia Lyons-Quebec, Canada, hello@toniaknits.com, Ravelry name: ToniaLKnits
Joanne Murray-Mystic, CT, murrayjb6450@gmail.com, Ravelry name: murrayj
Robin Meyers-Pacific Palisades, CA, robin@robinknits.com, Ravlery name: RobinKnitsDesigns
Bea Narreto-Brisbane, Australia, blcn@me.com, Ravelry name: beanaretto, also offers grading, charting, schematics, test knitting, pattern ghostwriting, written pattern layout design, style sheet creation, and social media management.
Stephanie Liberman Paley-Scarsdale, NY, stephaniesknitlab@gmail.com, Ravelry name: stephaniesknitlab
*Leslie Reid-CA, Ravelry name: lreid3
Yvonne Robertshaw-MB, Canada, lakeviewknitstechedits@gmail.com, Ravelry name: lakeviewknitter1
*Katharine Seaman-Fishersville, VA, MalcolmMaid@gmail.com, Ravelry name: MalcolmMaid, also offers crochet editing, grading, charting, schematics
*Dawn Seymour-Portland, OR, Dawn@FiberRhythm.com, Ravelry name: FiberDawn, also offers grading, charting, and schematics for hand and machine knitting
*Heather Storta-Concord, NC, hs@heatherstorta.com, Ravelry name:heatherstorta, also offers charting and schematics
Karen Strohmeyer-Woburn,MA, karenstrohmeyer@gmail.com. Ravelry name: tangledincashmere, also offers grading, charting, and schematics
Christina Tibblin-Plano, TX, christina.tibblin.llc@gmail.com, Ravelry name: svenskina, also offers translation from French to English
*Carolyn Vance-Vernon Center, MN, carovan@hickorytech.net, Ravelry name: carovan
*Debbie West-Forsythe, GA, debbieknit93@gmail.com, Ravelry name: debbieknit93
Sandy White-Louisville, KY, Ravelry name: sandybeach
Jesse Wiebe-Edmonton, AB, proofread@jessewiebe.com,  Ravelry name: spacepiper
Rebecca Williamson-United Kingdom, williamsonrebeccaj@gmail.com Ravelry name: beccas, also offers grading and charting
*Mary Beata Zweber-Stillwater, MN, marybzweber@gmail.com, Ravelry name: MaryBeata

* Master Knitter as well as Certified Technical Editor



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