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Are you a knitter interested in sharing your passion for knitting? There is always a need for knowledgeable knitting instructors. If you are the type of knitter who enjoys working with people and can organize, digest, and then explain techniques, teaching may just be your calling. The goal of this course is to prepare you to instruct knitting.

Certification will mean that you have acquired the knowledge and skills to teach knitting and you can market yourself as a Certified Knitting Instructor. This course is taught by Leslie Gonzalez. Leslie has shared knitting knowledge in many settings from the local yarn store to TKGA Conferences. She has taught large and small groups from beginners to the very advanced.

How this Course Works

Unlike TKGA’s other courses, you will receive all of the information upon purchasing the course, it is not divided into levels or sections. You will review the information on your own. You are encouraged to research outside of the course as well.

There are nine documents: a letter from the instructor, a General Information Packet, five Reference Documents, a Resource Document and the Exercises Packet.

Certification Course Requirements

Once you have reviewed the Reference Documents, you will move forward to the Exercises Document. You will need to answer several questions to confirm your proficiency of basic knitting knowledge. After that you will write several reviews of books and a pattern, and make website recommendations for students. You will write four lesson plans, present several class proposals, make material lists. You will also make a very short PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. You may either make a short technique video or meet with the instructor via Zoom to present a simple technique.

This course does not teach you the subject matter for any courses; as an instructor you should thoroughly research your topic.

You are required to plan one class teaching non-knitters to knit and one class teaching students to knit a (baby, toddler, child, or adult) sweater. After that, the subject matter is for you to choose based on your goals and needs.

All written work is submitted electronically via email. Some knitted work will be mailed to the instructor to verify your ability to knit well. Once the materials have been submitted, they will be evaluated. All knitted samples will be returned to you.  The fee for this course includes one return mailing to you. Because this is a certification course, you must show competency in the materials.

Upon completion of the course (and membership verification), you will receive a certificate acknowledging your accomplishment and your name will be listed on our website and in our Ravelry group.

What course graduates are saying about TKGA’s Certification for Knitting Instructors

“Working through TKGA’s Teacher Certification program put an end to procrastinating and putting off important tasks to ‘someday.’ Writing lesson plans, curating resources to help students reach their goals and further developing my brand has made me a better teacher, given me confidence to propose classes to my local yarn shop and be hired! My advisor, Leslie Gonzalez, gave thoughtful and useful feedback that I have incorporated into all aspects of my teaching.”

—  Dawn Z, from Bristol, CT

‘The TKGA Instructors Certification is a great way to think through and plan for different teaching and coaching scenarios.  By completing the program you will have thought through many of the opportunities that might become available and will have a great starting point for any type of instruction. ” 

— Jenni L. from Livermore, CA

“When I needed a break between Levels 2 and 3 of the Master Hand Knitting Program I decided to take this course and I’m so glad that I did! At the time I thought that adding a teaching certification to my knitting repertoire would be good for my own personal development but didn’t realize that it would blossom into a new career teaching others about knitting. The course gave me the knowledge to develop my own series of classes and workshops for a variety of class settings as well as a deep appreciation for the amount of time and attention that goes into creating well-crafted classes. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who is interested in becoming a knitting instructor.”

— Tonia L. from Gatineau, Quebec

“Completing TKGA’s Certification for Knitting Instructors provided me with the necessary framework to help organize a lesson plan and structure a successful class for nearly any scenario. With Leslie Gonzalez’s mentorship, I gained greater confidence in myself and my ability to share my knitting knowledge with others. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone with an interest in becoming a knitting instructor.”

Jennifer K. from Fort Wayne, IN

Certified Knitting Instructors



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