Fashion Framework and Stitch Anatomy Index

Fashion Framework and Stitch Anatomy Index

Fashion Framework

This series which first appeared in the November 2008-January 2009 issue is authored by current and former members of the Master Hand Knitting Committee.  Each article is devoted to a specific category of knitted garment.


Spring-Plackets By Leslie Gonzalez

Summer-Side-to-Side Sweaters By Mary E. Jacobs 

Fall – Raglans by Celia McAdam Cahill


Spring-Waterfall Cardigans By Celia McAdam Cahill

Summer-Shawl Shape as a Function of Construction By Mary E. Jacobs

Fall-Texting Gloves by Arenda Holladay

Winter 2017/18-Hats with Earflaps By Leslie Gonzalez


Spring-Yoke Sweaters by Mary E. Jacobs

Summer-About Ganseys by Pamela Haswell

Fall-Knitted Toys by Mary E. Jacobs

Winter 2016/17-Thrumming by Heather Storta


February-April-Fitted Sweaters by Christina K. Hanger

May-July-Sock Heels and Toes by Nancy Simet

August-October-Bottom Up Raglan Lesson by Suzanne Bryan

Winter 2015/16-Collar Lesson by Arenda Holladay


February-April-Dog Sweaters by Leslie Gonzalez

May-July-Men’s Vests by Charles Gandy

August-October-Designing an Aran by Charles Gandy

November 2014-January 2015-Cowls by Leslie Gonzalez


February-April-Skirts by Arenda Holladay

May-July-Shrugs by Celia McAdam Cahill

August-October-Men’s Sweaters by Celia McAdam Cahill 

November 2013-January 2014-Set-In Sleeves by Christina Hanger


February-April-Knitting for Babies by Arenda Holladay

May-July-Triangle Shawl Lesson by Leslie Gonzalez

August-October-More on Mittens Lesson by Carolyn Vance

November 2012-January 2013-Felted Bag Lesson by Leslie Gonzalez


February-April-Yoke Sweater Lesson by Leslie Gonzalez

May-July-Tam Lesson by Mary Forte

August-October-Cuff Down Socks with Gussets by Suzanne Bryan

November 2011-January 2012-Hoods, Pockets and Zippers by Arenda Holladay


February-April-Pullover Lesson by Arenda Holladay

May-July-Top-Down Raglan Pullovers by Molly Ferrante

August-October-Anniversary issue, no articles, just patterns.

November-2010-January 2011-Glove Lesson by Mary Forte


February-April-Vest Lesson by Arenda Holladay

May-July-Cardigan Lesson by Arenda Holladay

August-October-Toe-Up Socks by Arenda Holladay

November 2009-January 2010-Watch Cap Lesson by Mary Forte


November 2008-January 2009-Mitten Lesson by Arenda Holladay

Stitch Anatomy

This series which first appeared in the November 2008-January 2009 issue is authored by current and former members of the Master Hand Knitting Committee.  Each article is devoted to a specific type of stitch or knitting technique.


Spring-Illusion Knitting By Heather Storta

Summer-Loop Stitch By Leslie Gonzalez

Fall- Bavarian Traveling Stitch By Christina Hanger


Spring-Aran Filler Stitches By Pamela Haswell

Summer-Estonian Lace Stitches By Heather Storta

Fall-Basketweave Patterns By Leslie Gonzalez

Winter 2017/18-The Wonders of Duplicate Stitch By Celia McAdam Cahill


Spring-Helix Knitting by Leslie Gonzalez

Summer-I-Cord Lesson by Mary Forte

Fall-Mock Cables by Leslie Gonzalez

Winter 2016/17-Reversible Cables by Mary E. Jacobs


February-April-Short Rows by Suzanne Bryan

May-July-Rib Stitch Patterns by Janet Bochin and Sharon Levering

August-October 2015-Linen Stitch by Binka Schwan

Winter 2015/16-Ruffles and Ruches by Leslie Gonzalez


February-April-Lace: The Dainty Doily by Carolyn Vance

May-July 2014-Intarsia by Suzanne Bryan

August-October-Slip Stitch Knitting Redux by Leslie Gonzalez

November 2015-January 2015-Brioche by Trudianne Temple


February-April-Bobbles by Mary Forte

May-July-Trinity Stitch by Leslie Gonzalez

August-October-Anatomy of a Steek by Suzanne Bryan and Joyce Jones

November 2013-January 2014-Joined Knitting by Mary Forte


February-April-Duplicate Stitch Lesson by Celia McAdam Cahill

May-July-Double Knitting Lesson by Suzanne Bryan

August-October-Advanced Cable Lesson by Suzanne Bryan

November 2012-January 2013-Pleats by Arenda Holladay & Binka Schwan


February-April-Brioche Lesson by Mary Forte

May-July-Elongated Stitches by Suzanne Bryan

August-October –Mosaic Knitting by Suzanne Bryan

November 2011-January 2012-Herringbone Lesson by Mary Forte


February-April-Slip Stitch Lesson by Molly Ferrante

May-July-Knitted Smocking by Mary Forte

August-October-Anniversary issue, no articles, just patterns.

November 2010-January 2011-Bavarian Traveling Stitches by Arenda Holladay


February-April-Stranded Knitting Lesson by Arenda Holladay

May-July-Intarsia Pillow Lesson by Arenda Holladay

August-October-Entrelac Knitting Lesson by Mary Forte

November 2009-January 2010-Lace Pillow Lesson by Binka Schwan


November 2008-January 2009-Cable Stitch Lesson by Arenda Holladay



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