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The Knitting Guild Association recognizes that local guilds across the country contribute to the growth of the number of knitters both young and old, and provide a place for those who are in need of new knit friends to come and meet one another. It is a place where knitters are able to expand their skills in a setting where creativity and knitting possibilities are limitless.

Ranging from groups of 5 to groups of 100 people, casually informal or traditionally structured – there are no parameters as to what your guild may be. TKGA is here to provide you with simple tools to help get your guild off the ground and to have great success.

TKGA-affiliated guilds have access to the many benefits of TKGA membership. In addition to technical content, patterns, and articles, the guild president and one other member will receive membership and log ins to our member portal. There is a special section on our website for guild resources, patterns, technical articles and class materials you can use with your guild or group. Please note that one must have an individual membership to purchase correspondence classes or certification programs.

You’ll want to encourage others in your group to join TKGA too, so no one misses out on special communications, member benefits, educational opportunities, and of course, their own subscriptions to Cast On Magazine.