Marketing Course

Marketing Yourself within the Knitting Industry

We live in a time where people are rejecting traditional advertising and selecting to do business with people who connect with something inside themselves. You can be the best designer, instructor, or tech editor in the world but it won’t matter if no one knows about you.

This course takes the framework of educational and professional marketing programs to create a tailored course for knitting professionals. It is a powerhouse of knowledge designed to increase sales for your knitting business.

This course provides strategies and ideas that you can implement today to start attracting people to your business. Optional exercises include forming a marketing strategy and created a comprehensive Marketing Plan for the next year.

Instructor:  This course is taught by Donna Estin, Certified Master Knitter, professional knitwear designer, and Vice President of Public Relations for TKGA.

Who should take this course?  This course is designed for knitwear designers, knitting instructors, knitting judges, knitting technical editors, sample knitters, yarn dyers, yarn shop owners and others who are working professionally in the knitting industry. Graduates from one of TKGA’s certification courses who intend to work in the knitting industry will find this course a logical next step.

Course Structure: This course covers the actions needed to prepare yourself to go out into the public, including defining your brand, identifying your target market, creating content, core marketing outlets, creating marketing opportunities, and analysis.  Topics including software and applications, social media engagement, pricing, cross-promoting, selling yourself, becoming the expert, the business of marketing, and campaign development are all included.

Course Requirements:  The course document walks you step-by-step through the lessons and exercises. It is recommended that this course be completed within 12 months. Consideration will be given to those who are unable to complete the course within the recommended time frame. Upon successful completion (and membership verification), you will receive a certification of completion of this course.

Course Fee:  The fee for this course is $150. Since this course is done through email, there is no shipping or handling fee.

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