We are looking for Designers like you.

Cast On has several regular features. Projects related to these topics are always welcome.

• Fashion Framework discusses a particular type of garment or project.

• Stitch Anatomy discusses a stitch pattern.

• Learn Something New discusses a specific technique and provides a simple pattern for a small project. Past topics have been Beading and Jogless Joins.

• Pattern From a Member is restricted to a TKGA member. We give precedence to those working on the Master Hand Knitting or Master Machine Knitting Program.

• Special Topics in Finishing.

• Technical articles. We are always interested in articles discussing knitting history and traditions, new ways of doing things, and in depth treatment of techniques

Our intention is to have a range of projects in each issue. Proposals for sweaters, accessories, designs for children and babies, and household items. Cast On is not “seasonal”. Our members live all around the world in very different climates. They also are interested in seeing projects for upcoming seasons.


Here is the Design Calendar for the upcoming issues of Cast On Magazine:


Fall 2018

Call for Designs: April 16

Proposals Due:  May 4

Acceptance Notices:  May 11

Patterns due: July 11

Garments due: July 18

Publication Date: Late August

  • Fashion Framework – Raglan Sweaters
  • Stitch Anatomy – Bavarian Twisted Stitches

This schedule may change without notice.  The Design Call will include details on the Stitch Anatomy and Fashion Framework for that issue as well as other information for specific design focus.

More information about our requirements can be found here.  If you would like to be added to the Design Call, please click here or send an email to info@tkga.org .

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