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TKGA is dedicated to providing the highest level of education for serious knitters. Our educational focus is what makes us stand out in the knitting industry. We provide many options to help you better your knitting – whether just for fun and learning, or for pursuing excellence.

Our Education offerings range from Mini-Courses to more in-depth Correspondence Courses, and with these you will learn from, and be mentored by, Master Knitters. You will receive personalized feedback on your knitting or knitting-related skills. All of our courses support a love of learning about knitting, or knitting-related topics. Some focus on improving specific knitting skills, while others provide the support skills needed for those pursuing one or more of our certifications. Whether you just love to learn about knitting and would like to learn from Master Knitters, you want to improve your knitting skills, or you are looking for guidance and help with specific knitting-related skills, TKGA’s Education division is here for you!