Waist and Hip Shaping by Celia McAdam Cahill

The topic for this issue’s Fashion Framework is Waist and Hip Shaping. As with all Fashion Framework articles, it provides a complete discussion of what is involved with knitting this type of project as well as tips for success. It is followed by the Poppie sweater pattern which illustrates the topics discussed in the article.

Learn Something New!

The topic for Learn Something New! is Dorset Buttons. You can practice this technique by making the Accordian Cowl with Dorset Button Clinch.

Twillingate Cardigan by Donna Estin

This lightweight cardigan combines delicate lace mesh hems and cuffs with the sleek look of Stockinette. It uses two techniques for shaping around the hips and waist; decreases and increases, plus a change in stitch pattern.