Apurimac Hat by Leslie Gonzalez

This hat, designed by Leslie Gonzalez, accompanies the Fashion Framework article on earflap hats. A strip of colored squares is worked first. In the middle of the strip a short-row triangle is formed. Then stitches are picked up along the curved edge, this being the basic way to form the earflap. From there the squares can be embellished by checkerboard and even alternating triangles around the base. The earflap is shaped using two mirrored double decreases at the center. When approximately one third of the stitches are left, the flap is folded in half and joined.

Black and White Hat by Carolyn Vance

This simple hat, designed by Carolyn Vance, is the perfect match to the Black and White Mittens in this issue and can be worked from the same 100g hanks. A single line of red, topped by a black and white herringbone braid adds visual interest to the edge of the hat and discourages curling