Cast On Designer Info

Submit a Design for Cast On Magazine

Cast On, published quarterly, is the official publication of The Knitting Guild Association.  We welcome design and article submissions from everyone but give preference to our members.  A Call for Design email is sent to designers three months before the publication date to solicit design submissions.  The Call for Design will indicate the deadline for submission.

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Provide the following for a Design Proposal in a Word or PDF file:

    • Name, Address, phone number and email address
    • If you have not designed for Cast On before, please provide detailed information about your design experience.  If you are a member of Ravelry, provide your Ravelry ID.  Indicate if you are working on the Master Hand Knitting program.
    • Designs– Describe it and provide a sketch or if the item has been previously knit, a photograph.  Since Cast On is an educational journal list any special techniques which are used in the garment, ie. short row shaping.  For designs which use a specific stitch pattern, please provide photographs of swatches.  List the sizes for the design. We support size inclusivity.  A minimum number of sizes depends on the design.
    • Patterns will be required to be submitted in Word. Schematics are required for garments with the pieces shown before finishing and should be submitted in JPG.  If charts are required, they should be submitted in JPG format.
    • Articles–Provide a detailed outline.  Indicate where illustrations/photographs are required.  The author provides the photographs for the article.
    • Suggested Fee
    • Yarn Request–Provide three different yarns that you would work for your design, including color.   Indicate the yarn company, yarn, and color numbers.  A link to the yarn company’s website (not a yarn retailer like Webs or Jimmy Bean) would be appreciated as well).  Please research that the yarn is currently available.  
    • Video Links–Indicate if you plan to provide video links in the pattern.  

Send the proposal, in Word or PDF format, to Arenda Holladay, TKGA President,

Guidelines for Designer Fees

General Principles–Each proposal will be evaluated individually for complexity of design.  Higher fees apply to designs that require more of the designer, i.e. colorwork, complex cables, finer gauge.  All fees are negotiable.  Designers are expected to provide all charts and schematics as well as a complete, graded pattern with at least four sizes, where applicable.  If pattern requires EXCESSIVE editing to make it publishable, the fee can be reduced with prior notice to the designer.  Tech Editor contacts designer to allow them to make alterations first.

Regular Features*

Stitch Anatomy–$400-$500

  • These articles require extensive research as well as a pattern demonstrating the stitch.
  • Typical project is pillow(s).  These call for the higher fee.  
  • Scarves, cowls, baby and children’s garments are paid at the lower end of the scale.  Exceptions might include double knitting
  • Number of illustrating swatches should be considered as well.

Fashion Framework–$400-$600

  • This requires a researched article and original pattern for the garment.
  • Higher fee for larger or more complex garments or multiple garments.  A coat would be at the top end; a cowl or baby item would be at the bottom end.

Skill Builder/Confident Beginner

  • $200 for article
  • $150-300 for accompanying garment.  By definition as “Confident Beginner, “ these patterns should be on the simple side and easily completed by a beginner.

Technical and History/Tradition Articles

  • $200 per article
  • Authors must provide photographs, if required for article. If they are not personal
    photographs, the rights must be obtained from the copyright holder by the author.

Book Reviews

  • $25 – $50


Adult Sweaters–$250-$600

  • Simple, stockinette sweaters are at the bottom of the scale
  • Stranded, cabled, Bavarian, etc. are at the top of scale
  • Yarn weight a factor as well–Chunky at bottom, lace weight at top of scale


  • Simple stockinette in chunky at bottom of scale
  • Fair Isle at top of scale


  • Length, complexity of design determine fee


  • Length and circumference effect fee.  For example, short pencil skirt is at bottom of scale


  • Length, complexity of design determine fee

Wearable Accessories–$50-$250

  • Headband/wristbands at the bottom, fair isle tam at the top
  • Each must be evaluated individually

Baby/Child Items – $50 – $350

  • Amount depends on complexity of design and number of sizes provided.
  • A simple baby hat would be $50
  • A complicated garment sized from child to teen would be at the high end


Home Accessories–$50-$500

  • Cup warmer at the bottom, complex afghan at the top


  • Complexity and size are factors for determining price

*The authors of the regular features are typically members of the Master Hand Knitting Committee.  This ensures that these designs conform to the traditional techniques tested in the Master Hand Knitting Program. Other authors will be considered.  

**If designer provides an educational/technical article to accompany pattern, a higher fee may be requested.