Open-Edged Selvedges

This is the second article in the series exploring treatment options for projects where selvedges are left open. Picot is French for “little point.” There are two selvedge techniques referred to as picot edges. One is open and uses a yarn over to form the little point that we will explore in the Fall issue. The other uses cast-on and bound-off stitches to create thicker nubs along the selvedge.

Baby Fingers Blanket By Leslie Gonzalez

This is the second pattern in the series exploring Open Selvedge Treatments and accompanies the article on Picot Selvedges. The project is a baby-sized blanket worked on the bias in a diamond shape. It uses Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash.

Needle Tip

This regular feature by Mary Forte, a former Co-Chair of the Master Hand Knitting Committee, provides a quick tip to improve your understanding of knitting techniques. This issue’s tip is about how much yarn to use for a long-tail cast on.