Special Edition 2020 Table of Contents

Special Edition 2020 Table of Contents



Letter from the Editor
Editorial Information
Honoring Our Hands by Leslie Gonzalez
Certification for Knitting Judges by Binka Schwan













Eyelet Twig Gauntlet by Laurie Chochinov
Rapunzel’s Castle by Kathy Erhard
Stars Around Gloves by Deidre Hardiman
Winter’s Night Mitts by Betsy Hoenes














Good Vibe Mitts by Jennifer Kent
Bobbles and Brambles by Bridgette Knudson
Autumn Leaves by Kim Lundvall
Be My Fox by Monika Merk













First Snow by Monika Merk
Revisiting French Mariniere by Anne Tremolieres
Tree of Life by Anne Tremolieres
Hand Mittens by Sydney White













Inspiration and Design Process by Jean Anderson*
Elf-ish by Amy Eilert*
We Are All Children…by Amy Eilert*
Harold and Maude by Charles Gandy*













Switch-a-Roo by Charles Gandy*
Adriana by Fatima de Haan*
Button, Button…by Joanne Simms*
Shabby Chic Hands by Barbara Weinmann*












Abbreviations, Pattern Basics and References
On Your Way to the Masters Index
Fashion Framework and Stitch Anatomy Index
Skill Building and Special Topics in Finishing Index










Knitting 911 and Finishing with Confidence Index









* Patterns are not provided for these entries.




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