Needle Tip Index

Needle Tip Index

Mary Forte has been answering our questions we didn’t even know we had since the Spring 2017 issue!


Spring—My local yarn store offers so many cords for interchangeable needles. I have a complete set of interchangeable needles, but should I get more cords?

Summer—How do I rewind the yarn from an unraveled project and not end up with a tangled mess of yarn?

Fall—What would be a good yarn or thread for provisional cast ons and lifelines? I need something thin and smooth that will pull free easily from knitted fabric.


Spring—I hear that some knitters use only circular needles for back and forth (flat) knitting. But when I try this with my circular needle, the cable is so awkward and annoying. Why would knitters use circular needles if they didn’t have to?

Summer—Lifelines in lace knitting are wonderful for reducing anxiety over making mistakes, but it’s so tedious placing a lifeline with needle and thread through a row with hundreds of stitches! Is there a quicker way to do it?

Fall—Does it really matter what material my needles are made of?

Winter—Does it matter how sharp or blunt a needle tip is?


Spring—I want to get started on my project right away. Is there any way to get out of swatching?

Summer—This pattern just says, “Work the cuff in moss stitch.” But when I looked up moss stitch on the internet, I found more than one definition of moss stitch! What do I do?

Fall—I’m working on a project that has hundreds of stitches in a row, and I just discovered a glaring error three rows down. I don’t want to undo the stitches one by one, and I’m scared to just take it off the needles and rip it back. Do I have any other choices?

Winter—I am knitting a hat in the round on a 16-inch circular needle, as listed in the pattern. However, the knitting feels very awkward. I can’t quite get the needles into a comfortable angle. What’s the problem?


Spring—How can I manage a length of yarn that I need to reserve for a seam (or for intarsia or that’s left at the end of skein)?

Summer—My knitting friend from New Zealand asked me if my shawl was 2-ply yarn on Size 9 needles. I replied that it was Super Fine yarn on Size 4 needles. Why were we both so surprised?

Fall—Which way do I slip stitches?

Winter—I try to be conscientious and make gauge swatches for all of my projects, but now I have a bunch of gauge swatches hanging around. What should I do with them?


Spring—What are stitch markers for?

Summer—What does this pattern want me to do?

Fall—Should I start with the yarn tail coming from the outside of the skein or with the yarn tail coming from the inside?

Winter—Is there an easier way to get yarn through the eye of a needle?


Spring—What is a twisted stitch?

Summer—How much yarn do I pull for a long-tail cast on?

Fall—What is a split stitch?

Winter—Are some cable needles better than others?

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