Technical Help for the Next Level Knitting Conference

You can watch sessions up to six months after the conference by going to, authenticating, and then selecting either the Schedule or Speakers option to find the class.

The Schedule defaults to the current day and will be empty.  Select a conference day to see the schedule for that day, then select the class you’d like to watch.

Our virtual conference will take place on the Brella virtual conference platform. Your personal six digit JOIN CODE for the event will be sent to you by April 14, 2024. You will receive a link to use to log in but if you go to it will ask for your join code.

If you have used Brella in the past, this will get you right in. If you have not used Brella before, you will be asked to set up an account using either your email, Google profile, or Facebook. If you use an email, please use the one your join code is sent to. It will ask for company and title – feel free to use Member at TKGA, or your company, or get creative. It doesn’t matter to us.

Also, you might want to make note of what type of authentication you use. You can authenticate through email or through Google.

You only use your join code the first time. After that use to go straight to the login page and use your password.

You only use the join code once across all devices.  On the new device go to and that will get you straight to the log in page where you use your password.

Click the class name in the schedule. Under the class title and above the description, there is a button that says “View more &chat”.  Click on that button and it will take you to the streaming of the class.

The app is designed more for in-person events and has some issues with seeing past content. Instead use your favorite browser and go to  to log in.

You’re right – we strongly recommend attending the conference with a browser instead of the app.  If you really want to use the app and attended last year, try updating your app to the most recent version.  There have been big improvements – but some features are still not available.

Are you using the Brella App?  That’s the problem.  Relaxing the privacy settings enough to permit viewing/playback in the App will allow non-attendees to access the videos.

If you are seeing this message while watching the videos in a web-based browser, please email with details about session, device, and browser.  A screenshot is always helpful too!

Yes there are closed captions on all of the pre-recorded sessions. Due to limitations in the streaming systems, live sessions do not have closed captions while they are live, but they do have closed captions in the recordings that are posted after the live session ends. So you can get the closed captions of the whole session, just not during a live stream.

If you’re not hearing anything, check these things

  • Can you hear *any* sounds your computer is making?
  • Are your speakers turned on?
  • Is your volume super-low?
  • Do you have the tab (or site, on Chrome) muted?

The live-stream sessions have different audio processes going on the back end than the breakout rooms and recorded sessions.  Here are some advanced troubleshooting options

  • Go back to the Schedule page and rejoin the class
  • Close all your other tabs.
  • If you’re using a VPN, turn it off and refresh.
  • If you’re using the App, don’t.  Try a browser (even on your phone).  We’ve had one report of Firefox not working, but Edge did.  And Firefox works for other people.  No reports so far of Chrome not working for sound.
  • Reboot (from a power down) your computer

If your camera or microphone don’t seem to be working in the breakout rooms, check to make sure you’ve given your browser access to the camera or microphone you’re trying to use.  (On Windows 10, it’s ‘choose which apps can access your camera’ (or microphone))

This can happen when you have low bandwidth (in general) or a lot of demands on your internet connection.  (We would never have multiple apps or browser tabs open at one time, would we?)  Try refreshing the page, and if the issue crops up again, start closing unneeded tabs and applications.

To refresh on a Mac, do Command + R

To refresh on Windows, do Ctrl + R

We have not heard of any troubles with any specific browser. Brella recommends Chrome but people use Safari, Firefox, and Edge successfully. And probably others!  If you are having trouble, let us know at

May 2nd. After that, Brella closes the platform for new entrants. If you log in before May 2nd, you will be able to log in for six months. And we do track people’s log ins and while we don’t stalk you, we do gently and persistently remind you to log in.

No, you can log in as many times as you like for the six months that the platform is open.

Yes, you have six months access to the conference materials. But, yeah, you don’t want to miss out on all the other TKGA action, so make sure you renew. BTW, we’ve made renewals easier and also you can request a membership card under member resources to find out when your membership is up.

Yes, but it’s not the wisest thing to do.  Login problems can take time to troubleshoot, and you will probably miss some of the opening session. And you must log in by May 2nd.