Class Surveys

Your feedback is very important for our teachers. Please fill out the surveys for the classes you attended. This will be open until April 30th.

Overall Conference Survey – click here


Friday Class Surveys – please click on the class name for the survey

Measuring Gauge – Arenda Holladay

Writing Patterns – Donna Estin

How to Install a Zipper – Celia Cahill

Introduction to Argyle – Harry Wells

Ladderback Jacquard – Amy Snell

Deep Dive into Garter Tab Cast On – Debbie West

Double Knitting Basics – Jennifer Kent

The Art of Knitting Lace – Tonia Lyons

MHK Focus on Success L3 Charting – Leslie Gonzalez

Color Magic – Yoriko Oki

Brioche Beyond the Basic Stripe – Amie Palmer

Sock Heels – Heather Storta

Steeks – Mary Beth Jacobs


Saturday Class Surveys – please click on the class name for the survey

Fix Your Knits  – Tonia Lyons

Designing Aran Sweaters – Donna Estin

Colorwork the Easy Way: Mosaic Knitting – Harry Wells

Professional Knitters and Tech Editors Speak – Panel

Upper Body Posture and Ergonomics – Andrea Lui

Stitch and Row Equivalency – Suzanne Bryan

One Color, Two Layers – Jolie Elder

MHK Focus on Success L1 Preliminary Swatch – Joyce Jones and Laurie Gibson

Taming Tension – Binka Schwan

Sweater Hacks – Safiyyah Talley

Stranded Colorwork – Varian Brandon

Three Methods of Joining – Arenda Holladay

Scandi Style – Bonnie Franz

Ask the Co-Chairs – Leslie, Joyce, Laurie, Claire, and Cathy


Sunday Class Surveys – please click on the class name for the survey

Unlocking Raglan Fit – Jen Parroccini

Short Rows Made Simple – Dawn the Stitching Coach

Repairing Stranded Knitting in Progress and Finished – Cherie Cornick

Confident Cockleshells – Helen Robertson

Knit Faster with Combination Knitting – Jolie Elder

Fully Fashioned Shoulders – Leslie Gonzalez

The Cowlette Class – Safiyyah Talley

MHK Focus on Success L2 Argyle Sock – Cathy Berry and Claire Morson