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Morehouse Farm is an agricultural enterprise built on Merino sheep and the soft and fine wool they grow. Located in the Hudson River Valley in New York State, the farm began in 1983 with the purchase of the Champion Merino sheep flock at the National Merino Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Their ambitious plan was to grow the finest wool in the US and to re-introduce Merino sheep to New England. Once a wool grower’s pride and joy, the Merino sheep had all but disappeared from New England farms.  Today Morehouse produces merino wool that is 100% grown and spun in America.


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Friday Night Special Event:  An Evening with Morehouse Farm

Friday, April 19, 2024 at 6:30 pm CDT/23:30 UTC

Join us for a fun night with a virtual tour of the farm, meet the sheep, and hear how Morehouse re-introduced Merino sheep to New England.  The evening ends with random drawings of a few gift cards for Morehouse Farm Merino yarn!


Thank you to Morehouse Farm for sponsoring Next Level Knitting Conference.