Plackets By Leslie Gonzalez

The topic for this issue’s Fashion Framework is plackets. As with all Fashion Framework articles, it provides vest pattern which illustrates the topics discussed in the article.

Crocheted Edgings by Heather Storta

This series provides a discussion of specialized finishing techniques beyond those covered in the Master Hand Knitting Program. This issue’s article provides instructions for crocheted edgings written by Heather Storta. It is followed by the pattern for Delia’s Baby Dress which uses this technique.

Bead Stitch Blouse By Ashwini Jambhekar

This lovely top features a Shetland lace pattern. The edging for the body and sleeves is worked lengthwise, and then stitches are picked up along the long edge, and the body or sleeve is worked bottom-up. The construction of the top is a bit unusual, having only one side seam. The lace pattern did not lend itself to being worked exclusively from the right side, which would have been necessary for a seamless garment.