Masters Day

Masters Day 2019 was held on Thursday, April 4 as our second collaboration with the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Fiber Fest in the Irving Convention Center in Irving, TX.  It was another great success, with sold out attendance and a great educational and bonding experience for those in the Master Hand Knitters program or just considering it.  We hope to continue this partnership with the DFW Fiber Fest for Masters Day 2020 – stay tuned for confirmation and specifics in Summer 2019.


As TKGA has settled into our transition into a non-profit, volunteer driven organization, we are starting to look at expanding the in-person educational opportunities for our members in 2020 – specifically, a retreat.   We are moving cautiously about what we plan, to make sure it is both attractive and affordable to members, as well as viable for the organization.  Stay tuned!