Master Machine Knitting

The Master Machine Knitting Program was developed for Machine Knitting members of TKGA to have their knitting evaluated using specific criteria and guidelines. It followed many requests from machine knitters for a chance to improve their skills and expand their expertise in the same manner that was available to hand knitters through the Master Hand Knitting Program. In 1998 the program was modified to address the capabilities and the limitations of the PASSAP DM5, DM80 and the E6000. As a result there are two separate, but equal programs; one for the single bed knitting machines and one for the double-bed PASSAPs.

Knitters in the Master Machine Knitting Programs work through three levels, each building on techniques demonstrated in the previous level. Each level is completed independently, and evaluated by the Master Machine Knitting Committee, before the knitter goes to the next level.

The Master Machine Knitting program is on hold pending the availability of Master Machine Knitters prepared to volunteer on the Committee. If you have already begun the program, you will be able to continue. If you have questions or are a Certified Master Machine Knitter who is interested in volunteering, please contact us at

The Master Machine list:

  • Marion Reed Getty 1996
  • Robin Kornides 1996
  • Marilyn Myers 1996
  • Diane Miller 1996
  • Brenda Williams  1996
  • Jennie Merritt 1998
  • Angela Scarola  1998
  • Pauline Schultz 1998
  • Jo Ann Teodori 1998
  • Bonnie Franz 1999
  • Kathy Perry  1999
  • Brad Smith  2000
  • Pam Cole 2003
  • Darlene Dahlman 2003
  • Katharine Seaman 2003
  • Ann McDonald 2004
  • Billie Hinkhouse  2005
  • Marcia Moran 2005
  • Karen Hoover 2010
  • Linda Lee Lorenz 2014
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